Shubh Gomti Chakra


Gomti chakra can protect you and your family from the Evil Eyes of neighbors and people who are jealous of your success. , this stone works as a protective shield and is particularly effective for children.

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  • Keeping a Shubh  Gomti Chakra in the house not only brings blessings of wealth but also good health. This holy stone is considered a boon for happiness and prosperity. If discord or differences are arising in married life, tie 11 Siddha Gomti Chakra in a white cloth and throw it in the south direction of the house.Always wear Gomti Chakra Pendant at any Friday or Monday. After taking bath in morning of mention days place the Gomti Chakra Pendant in your home temple. Worship the Goddess Lakshmi and Ganesh properly and chant the given Mantra minimum 108 times. Then wear the Gomti Chakra Pendant in your neck.
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Pack of 21 Pieces
  • For Peace & Prosperity

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